Wedding Bells for Seiyuu Chiwa Saito

chiwa saitoSeiyuu Chiwa Saito has just announced her marriage to her long-lasting partner who works in a Japanese company. Although she has been rumoured to be in a relationship with other seiyuu and actors, the popular actress dispelled all badmouthing people with her announcement.

“An honest and sincere gentleman who is employed by an ordinary Japanese company.”

“It sometimes feels like he is just too good for me.”

“I would like to build a happy family with him.”

These are some of the lines the actress has shared with everyone who visits her agency’s website.

Some of the most popular characters in anime are voiced by this actress. She is known as the voice behind Samurai 7’s Komachi, Phi Brain’s Keito Daimon, Mobile Suit Gundam’s Louise Halevy, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica’s Homura Akemi, Dance in the Vampire Bund’s Yuki Saegusa and more.

She is currently the seiyuu of ongoing anime series as well. She acts in Blood Lad, Danganronpa, Kokoro Toshokan, Disgaea, Kobato and more.

Source: IM Enterprise

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7 thoughts on “Wedding Bells for Seiyuu Chiwa Saito

  1. Why having a relationship with other seiyuu is a subject to badmouthing? Awful. Well…congratulations to her!

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