Five MG Bunko J Light Novels Get Anime Series (Video)

(clickable) All five shows will have cute girls!

Five whole titles from the MG Bunko J will be animated. The company in charge is Media Factory. The new anime projects are: Madan no Ou, Mahou Sensou, No Game No Life, Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, Seikoku no Dragonar. The news became known during the Media Factory Summer School Festival event. See trailers and more information on each of the projects below!

Madan no Ou

by Tsukasa Kawaguchi

Vanadis are 7 female warriors who wield blades, gifted to them by the dragons. They are also rulers of their own territories. The story centres on the lower noble boy Tinguru who clashes with Eren and, naturally, loses. Instead of killing him, though, the lord of these lands takes him into custody.

Mahou Sensou

by Hisashi Suzuki

In a reality where two separate but parallel worlds exist, a strange event unites them.Coming from the reality of magic, Mui Aiba suddenly turns a school boy of the non-magical world into a magician as well. This boy is Takeshi Nanase and after this fateful encounter, he will never be the same.

No Game No Life (NGNL)

by Yuu Kamiya

No Life no Game begins with the amazing hikikomori gaming siblings Sora and Shiro. They, notorious for living solely into the world of games and not working, studying or being in training at all, even consider the real life just another boring game. One day, summoned by an odd ‘God’, the two end up in an alternate world. There, everything is decided with games – people live and die because of winning or losing one and even territories are decided with games. The two siblings are needed because humanity has been restricted within a single city and only very good players can save it.

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance

by Yuu Shimizu

The story revolves around the ability to be a spirit elementalist. Only a girl of pure heart can form a spirit contract and become one such magician. The Areishia Spirit Academy cultivates noble girls and allows them to become perfect spirit contractors.One day, however, their student Claire is being spied on while in the bathroom. The boy who peeped received the spirit contract instead of her, thus becoming the ‘impossible’ male spirit elementalist.

Seikoku no Dragonar
by Shiki Mizuchi

Ansarivan Dragonar Academy is the place where student learn how to tame, ride and communicate and even fight with a dragon. One male student, however, named Ash Blake is its ‘no.1 problem child’ as his dragon never really appeared. The story begins when his dragon does come, but in the unique shape of a girl and one with an attitude. First thing’s first, without really apologising for the shame she brought him, she informs him that the master in this couple is not him, but her.

Source: Media Factory

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