Manga No.6 Enters Final Arc

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The final battle of No.6 is beginning, everyone! This was posted in the latest preview image of next month’s Aria magazine. The October issue of the manga publication will come out on 28th August and will include the first part of this final battle in Atsuko Asano and HInoki Kino’s manga, based on Atsuko Asano’s original novels.

The story revolves around a post-apocalyptic world where Shion, the son of a higher class family is living within the richest and most protected city, behind the safety of high walls. Nezumi, on the other hand, is one of the people who are not allowed in, they fight for their food and suffer from all the negatives of being outside the wall.

One day, the worlds of these two boys mix as Shion and Nezumi become friends and brothers in arms against the evil that lies behind the walls of City No. 6.

The original novels also inspired a Studio BONES TV anime series in 2011. You can find its full review on the Shinigami List here.

Source: Kodansha

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6 thoughts on “Manga No.6 Enters Final Arc

  1. The anime did no good to the manga. They shoul’ve waited for the story to evolve and then serialise it. Now, all we have left is some memory of a confusing chain of events. This manga deserves better.

    1. Even though this is shoujo, I still think you’re right. I am interested to see how will the story end.

      1. No one makes announcements of a starting manga, unless it’s by someone really famous. This does not mean there are no new manga. Geez…

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