Manga 07-Ghost to End in August

07-ghost vizmediaYuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara’s popular shoujo fantasy manga 07-Ghost will be ending in Ichijinsha’s Comic Zero-Sum magazine’s October issue, coming out on 28th August. The last chapter will also be brought up to the cover of the magazine.

07-Ghost centres on the young boy named Teito who is an orphan from a save origin and has special powers. Enrolled in the Barsburg Empire’s military academy, he is forced to flee once he understand that his father’s very murderers are located in the exact same school. Crashing his craft, he ends up in between another clash, this time on a much larger scale. The seven Ghosts – the creatures of light are battling The God of Death Verloren.

The manga has been in publishing since 2005 and has 16 volumes by far. The English translationis until volume 4 by former license owner Go!Comi and current holder VizMedia .

There was also a TV anime series adaptation of the manga in 2009.

Source: MNJ

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4 thoughts on “Manga 07-Ghost to End in August

    1. “Pandora Hearts” is a good choice, even though I am not sure if you haven’t read it yet. “Monochrome Factor” is somewhat similar as well as it has a team of strong supernatural creature and a boy who is discovering his importance and powers. Another one that is slightly more comedy-like is “Sougiya Riddle”- I saw it in MAL and I agree that it’s a good choice. It’s about a unique Undertaker and a schoolboy who is saved by him. They also suggest “D. Gray-man” but I doubt it you haven’t tried reading it and personally cannot find much similarities…

      Hope some of this is useful…

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