K: Memory of Red is Over


The manga K: Memory of Red, a prequel to K anime which aired last year, has ended. This was announced in the same issue of Kodansha’s ARIA magazine where the final chapter of the manga was printed. Apart of being on the cover, K’s characters also got a B2-sized poster in this week’s ARIA.

K: Memory of Red focuses on the events that led to the world that we saw in 2012’s fantasy anime series. It shows how and when exactly was it that Mikoto Suoh became the Red King and leader of HOMRA. The canon plot, created by authors Kuroe and Rairaku, is not animated.

The manga’s first chapter was released in May 2012 and has since been also published in Japan. It has already sprung 2 compiled book volumes.


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7 thoughts on “K: Memory of Red is Over

    1. I haven’t read those to be honest but are they covering new material or the one that has been known from the anime already?

      1. It’s a prequel focused on the Red King ;) It’s also a way to know more about Totsuka – the guy that HOMRA wanted to avenge in the anime.

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