Seiyuu Takaya Kuroda Is Recovering from Surgery

「龍が如く」声優・黒田崇矢、虫垂炎で緊急手術 現在入院中After finding out on Monday that he needs to have an emergency surgery for appendicitis, seiyuu Takaya Kuroda has been recovering from the operation in the hospital.

The actor is known as a dubber of many foreign films as well as the seiyuu of Simon from Durarara!! and Gintama’s Yagyuu Koshinori. He is also the lead actor in the Yakuza gaming franchise.

He started feeling sick on Saturday, but went to the doctor on Monday. It was then that the medics discovered his appendix to be ten times larger than the norm and urged him into the surgery room. The organ was on the verge of rupture.

Kuroda has promised to return to the studio as soon as the doctors say and that he is very sorry for missing some days of work because of the issues.

Source: CinemaToday

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