Space Pirate Captain Harlock – 12min Footage Released (Video)

(c) Leiji Matsumoto/ Captain Harlock Space Partners/TOEI AnimationA video with a length of 12 whole minutes was just released. The scenes include various footage from Space Pirate Captain Harlock The Endless Odyssey’s bar scene. In it we can see a lot of the work done on the captain’s craft Arcadia.

See the extended preview video below!

This year’s movie is a remake of the first ever adaptation of Leiji Matsumoto’s original manga Spce Captain Harlock. In the story, we meet Captain Harock and his almost invincible crew of about 40 strong-willed and powerful soldiers of justice. Aboard the Arcadia ship, they fight for the sake of humanity as a race.

The CG movie will premiere in Japanese cinemas on 7th September. The international English version will come from the British company GFM Films.

Source: Yahoo! Japan

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9 thoughts on “Space Pirate Captain Harlock – 12min Footage Released (Video)

  1. Looks epic. When watching something like that you have to think how the production team had to decide between grandeur of battles/ship design and more “human” characters. I believe they’ve made the right choice.

    1. I am pretty familiar with Harlock’s story and I am not sure if the romanticism of it could be presented by this 3D. However, I may look at it as large scale romanticism (e.g. shown through battles, environment and movement and not only facial expressions and behaviour).

      Plus, I am sure that most people won’t even consider seeing the original only because of its animation style, which is heavily outdated when compared to modernity.

  2. This mountain looks like a humongous tree on the panoramics. What’s with the animation team? Have they only climbed a tree? Overall, it looks like bad Final Fantasy – like watching a game instead of playing it.

      1. I agree. There is still a lot to be done but considering how fake some movies look like without being animated, Harlock’s remake is quite impressive…at least judging by these 12 minutes.

      2. So wanting people who actually move like such is too much? Or maybe having a rock structure instead of a wooden one, when climbing a mountain? I might have to sleep for some decades then and come back, when this is not something impossible.

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