Fairy Tail x Rave Master Anime Trailer (Video)

Kodansha has uploaded the first official trailer for the upcoming Rave Master x Fairy Tail OVA. The video will be available alongside the 39th volume of the magic-based fantasy manga Fairy Tail. The story was originally printed by Kodansha in 2011 and created by both series’ mangaka Hiro Mashima.

Fairy Tail x Rave will also include some scenes, which are not available in the printed version of the story. These scenes are drawn personally by the original creator of both ideas. Included, but not present in the manga, are Musica and Let.

The OVA tells us of how Natsu, Erza and Lucy, alongside Gray, Plue and Happy are visiting a town in order to defeat a mage of evil. In this very town they meet with Rave Master’s Elie and Haru.

Purchase the special edition of the 39th volume of the manga and receive the crossover DVD with it. It comes out on 16th August.

Source: KODANSHA YouTube

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