Koroshiya-san Manga Gets Anime Short Adaptation

Koroshiya-san, the 4-koma manga by writer Masahide Ichijo and artist Chiku, is getting animated. The series will be shorts and will be created by the Beelzebub spin-off director Ai Ikegaya at studio OperaHouse.

Koroshiya-san is a comedy action manga which tells the story of Japan’s best hitman whose profession has somehow grown to an odd-jobs errand boy. His moto is ‘Whatever the assignment, I will kill it.’

‘Killing’, though, sometimes means to make the perfect homework or fix a car. There is nothing he and his team can’t do, but how did it all end-up being as funny? The anime will give the answer if reading the manga is not your cup of tea.

The original manga by the artist/writer duo was released in 2004 and in 2009 it inspired a drama CD.

Source: Official Website

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