90-second English Dub Trailer for K Anime Released (Video)

k anime red king blue kingVizMedia has released a full 90-second long promotional video for their upcoming K anime release. The show will be shown on consoles through the company’s Neon Alley services starting 12th July. It sprung for 13 episodes and turned into the big surprise for both male and female audiences when it came out at the autumn of 2012. See the video below!

GoraxGoHands’s K anime tells the story of Yashiro Isana and how he turned out to be a wanted murderer, faithful life-saviour, good friend and a man destined for greatness. His team is also made out of a charming girl names Neko, who can turn into a cat and a loyal samurai, who is looking for the man responsible for his boss’s death.

You can check out the voice actors for the show in this post.

Source YouTube

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3 thoughts on “90-second English Dub Trailer for K Anime Released (Video)

  1. Watching and listening to this trailer, I get it why so many disliked K. Well, good luck with the English release.

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