Namco Bandai Games Released One Piece: Romance Dawn Trailer (Video)

one piece game 3dsNamco Bandai Games has just released a new video with gameplay scenes and cut scenes from the upcoming One Piece Romance Down Bouken no Yoake game for Nintendo 3DS. This video includes the seiyuu of Luffy Mayumi Tanaka.

 The Romance Dawn arc of Eiichiro Oda’s original manga revolves around the entrance of Luffy and his Strawhat pirates in the East Blue waters and includes the Marineford battle. The game will also include special original anime scenes and footage, which has not been seen before.

The PlayStation Portable version of the game was released on 20th december last year while the 3DS version will be available on 8th August. Europe will get this game in November and under the title One Piece: Romane Dawn

Source: YouTube
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