Knight of Sidonia’s First Trailer Released (Video)

knights of sidoniaThe official website for the new mecha anime, an adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei’s homonymous manga Knights of Sidonia, has launched. Alongside the page, the production committee shared the first trailer for the anime. It includes a lot of mecha action scenes.

See it below!

The manga has begun in 2009 and 10 volume shave been published already. The story shows us how humans fight against giant aliens called Gauna. The Gauna were the reason why many centuries ago humanity fled the Earth, but the aliens also followed the spacecraft into space. The plot centres on the events that happen inside and around the craft called Sidonia. It is one where the humans have managed to create a Japan-like culture where, however, things such as genetic engineering and coning are common practice.

Source: Official Website

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5 thoughts on “Knight of Sidonia’s First Trailer Released (Video)

  1. It’s good that there was Shingeki no Kyojin to start a Giant trend. Better than Sengoku samurai turned whiny bishounen or little moe.

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