Fantasista Doll PosterFantasista Doll is a TV anime series, which revolves around the cute Miss Uzume and her great telephone ability to call out extremely charming dolls, which can be powers and called forth by the use of special game cards. Fantasy, games and moe-cuteness are all included in this original anime based on the idea of Goro Taniguchi and the original character designs by Amni.

Episode one is airing on 6th July 2013 (Japanese time).

There is not much information around the internet about what where and how things will happen in this anime. What is known is all in the PV that you can find a little further down this post. As a whole, the story begins when Uzume goes to a tournament where her favourite card game is played in a competitive way. Going back to school on the next morning, she discovers a strange phone in her bag and along with it – a message. A teammate of hers explains to her that she is now the master of five charming, but very strong dolls. After this, young Uzume’s life changes a lot as mystery after mystery appears in her life.

The young girl now needs to save not only her city, but also maybe the world because she is one of the few (maybe the only one) who possesses the five cards to defeat the evil side. With the right combination of weapons, costumes and a doll, she might just be able to do it!


Fantasista Doll Characters

Main cast and seiyuu:

Uzume Uno to be played by Ayaka Ohashi (Dokidoki! Precure’s Lance)


Sasara to be played by Minami Tsuda (Fractale’s Phryne)

This is the all-rounder type doll. Also a good leader.

Katia to be played by Sora Tokui (Robotics; Notes’ Janna Daitoku)

She is the princess-type doll. Very self-centred and in emotional.

Shimeji to be played by Chinatsu Akasaki (Mouretsu Pirates’ Maki Harada)

This is the big-sister type of doll. She is a good cook and draws well.

Akari to be played by Akiko Hasegawa (IDOLM@STER’s Miki Hoshii)

She is the goth-type doll, who is also very interested in warfare and the military.

Madeleine to be played by Sayaka Ohara (Code Geass’s Milly Ashford)

This is the mistress-type doll, who is very altruistic.

Other characters and seiyuu:

Komachi Kiyomasa to be played by Kaori Nazuka (Code Geass’s Nunnaly)

Rinto Mikasa to be played by Kyousei Tsukui (Zombie-Loan’s Hakka)

Mikoto Uno to be played by Masayo Kurata (Love Hina’s Shinobu Maehara)

Kagami Totori to be played by Sachika Misawa (Accel World’s Kuroyukihime/Black Lotus)

Rafflesia no Kimi to be played by Souichiro Hoshi (Sengoku Basara’s Sanada Yukimura)

Manai Uzuki to be played by Sumire Uesaka (Girls und Panzer’s Nonna/Piyotan)

Miko Uno to be played by Yuri Yamaoka (Girls und Panzer’s Yuuki Ustugi)

Here is the latest full trailer for the series:

Director: Hisashi Saito (Haganai)
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi (Fairy Tail)
Original creator: Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito)
Chief Animation Director: Hiromi Kato
Animation Character Design: Hiromi Kato (Guilty Crown)


“Ima yo! Fantasista Doll” by Fantasista Doll Cast


“DAY by DAY” by Fantasista Doll Cast

Official Fantasista Doll Website
Images & video: (C) 2013 ファンタジスタドールプロジェクト/FD製作委員会

12 thoughts on “SUMMER ANIME SEASON 2013 PREVIEW: FANTASISTA DOLL (ファンタジスタドール)

  1. Is this a tribute to Mahou Shoujo Madoka?Magica? If yes, you should have mentioned it in the preview. Otherwise trolls like me might say the “fight scene” and the “characters” that are so close in appearance make you feel like you’re watching a rerun. Otherwise – great job.

      1. Oh, well I see then. Let’s hope the official statement comes out before the start of the series. If not, people might actually start thinking the anime industry is becoming terribly uncreative and lazy, even in a worse way than Hollywood. No wonder anime like Shingeki no Kyojin (an anime that would’ve been rated as ‘okay’ years ago) gets such high praise.

  2. Great work on giving us the OP and ED. Great preview, even though you claim there is not much information.

    1. Well, my Japanese is not the perfect kind as we shinigami talk something closer to ancient Chinese… However, I did my best to translate what I heard from the PV and read on the main page.

      By the way, if someone has more information or corrections – feel free to email me and I will fix them.

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