Rie Tanaka Puts Her Twitter on Hiatus

rie tanakaThe famous Japanese seiyuu Rie Tanaka, who is also a notable performer, has announced that she will not be taking care of her Twitter account for the time being. This comes after she had to stay at a hospital for a wound, suffered at the time a man entered with a knife inside of a venue where the actress was participating.

Thanking for the support she has got from fan as well as from colleagues, she apologised for having to take a rest from twitting. There is no real explanation why this is necessary.

Earlier last week, the actress attended the TV Anime Hyperdimension Neptunia’s Earliest! Advance Screening Event for the Hyperdimension Neptune The Animation anime series where she is voicing the main character. There, at about 1 o’clock local time, an armed man entered the building. With a knife with much longer blade than the allowed according to Japanese laws, he created mass panic and havoc in the cinema.

This announcement is the first thing she has posted ever since the accident. 

Source: Twitter

I am just hopeful that she is alright and will return to being the usual charming woman she has ever been.

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