絶対可憐チルドレン THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介 Zettai Karen Children: THE UNLIMITED Hyoubu Kyousuke Review

the unlimited hyoubu kyousukeTHE UNLIMITED is the spin-off series that sprung into life in 2012. It shows us the events after the original series and from the point of view of the main antagonist Hyoubu Kyousuke. This anime is much heavier and mature than the first one, but it is just logical considering the fact that the characters themselves (90-year-old Hyoubu-chan excluded) must have grown a lot.

With new character designs, impacting music and a lot of drama, THE UNLIMITED – Hyoubu Kyousuke took over the otaku lands by surprise and became many people’s favourite show of the winter season 2012/2013.


hyoubu kyousuke shot
Although as a Shinigami I shouldn’t say this, I am fascinated by this human’s ability to evade death. Really amazing!

For this review, I have to note that after the fans started to watch it, the original Zettai Karen Children got a huge boost of viewers. In addition, THE UNLIMITED got adapted into a manga, an honour, for sure. These are just two of the positive sides of this series and I will explain to you why I found it absolutely lovely!

First of all, let me talk about the characters. Even without having seen the first series, you get to know the past from some flashbacks and references made by the characters. These alone are enough to show a growth in their personas. Hyoubu, for instance, is the main character. Known also as ‘major’ because of his participation in a special army force unit in the past, he is the leader of PANDRA. A revolutionist organisation aiming to make every person with ESP powers able to enjoy their life without being branded a monster by the general public. We see a lot of his past and future, we get to know his reasoning and at some point, even I started to not only understand, but agree with his plans. It is a given that when the drama happened in episode 9 (masterpiece by screenwriter Kazuho Hyodo), every anime forum was discussing what might happen next if something was permanently wrong with the protagonist.

hyoubu kyousuke birthday
Happy Birthday, Hyoubu Kyousuke! The whole Catastrophe crew celebrates.

Another thing about this person, something else I find interesting, is that even the people who saw the first series never felt him to be one of these evil and detestable people, he was just unknown force for many. With this new spin-off story, however, he became a favourite of the majority.

The show is unique in its own way and differs a lot from the easy-going and light-hearted original anime. As the main character is a drama-based one and his entire existence is based on dread and pain, it is more than adequate for things to be so.

queen of catastrophe
What would Zettai Karen Children be without The Children? Although they have grown in both powers and height, these three are as lovely as ever.

In fact, ever since a young age, one of the main characters – Kaoru Akashi (red-haired telekinetic user) has been chased after by Hyoubu. He, a man with history of violence and army participation, might not seem the usual lolicon type but he is in fact the biggest fan of Kaoru. This is, nonetheless, due to a prophecy, which tells of the Queen of Catastrophe who will guide the espers to their freedom. The name of this future queen is Kaoru and her hair is red.

hyoubu kyousuke war
Hyoubu Kyousuke as an army-appointed Esper. About to fight one of Japan’s best planes.

Some of you might wonder, why is it that there needs to be a revolution if some of the psychic wielders work alongside the humans… can’t there be peace? In fact, that is not possible as even the three tiny elementary school girls are under constant surveillance and supervision, moreover – they are held on a leash with special power-emitting devices on them at all times. If even the slightest danger is noticed, according to the humans in charge, they can be lightly electrocuted or much severely so.

One of the introduced topics in this show is the Limiter – a special device, which puts a tap on the Esper’s powers, saving them for later and not leading others to risk, in case the person has low or no control over them.

This is the full PV for the anime as released before the Japanese air date of episode 1

You can also check out many others on the anime’s page.

The other main character is Andy Hinomiya – a secret agent, who intentionally infiltrates the Catastrophe ship and PANDRA as well as the reason behind all bad that will happen to the ESP people in the later episodes of the series. He has the unique power to nullify ESP abilities and is much securer than the blockers used by the government and Babel. I still cannot agree with many things about this character and his actions – his taking too long to find the right path, which caused many pains and injuries, his lack of proper judgement and the slave-like attitude are all unsuitable for a character in this show. I cannot think of anyone else with these qualities from either the first or the spin-off series.

yuugiri momotaro
On Yuugiri’s shoulder we see the returning Momotaro. Another ESP user.

The third character I will discuss now is the young Yuugiri. She is a tiny little thing with immense hypnotic and mind-reading abilities and is always by Hyoubu’s side. His next loli friend, yes, but at the same time we might see him as a bigger brother figure or a father one even. Yuugiri is the second THE UNLIMITED-only character in this review after Hinomiya. Although a very young girl, this child is probably one of the strongest people in this show. This impression is also fortified by the fact that she barely talks and is quite a cute little thing, but can also be extremely dangerous at

hyoubu kyousuke limiter
Limiter off. Limiter on.

times. Once, she even managed to trouble Kyousuke-san. It is unknown if she uses a Limiter.


This will be for the characters, design made by Jun Takagi and script by Kazubo Hyodo, Noboru Kimura and Shinichi Inotsume. This post is getting too long already and so many things need to be commented on!

The OST of this show is also something positive to talk about. You can hear the OP “Last Resolution” a.k.a. The Emblem of THE UNLIMITED in the video above. The ED “Outlaws” by eyelis is added to the following video:

As you can hear, even the OST is well-though and contextualised. With a theme song that is made especially and solely for the anime’s purpose and a great CD as a whole, this show gives not only graphics and character development to the viewers but also good music.

If I had to grade this show, I would have given it 9/10 because of its good quality, its original presentation and the fact that it took an old and loved loli-filled comedy and turned it into a drama with a twist without losing all of the comedy either. On the other hand, a 10 would be too much because they had a momentum of greatness, which died out in episode 10.


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13 thoughts on “絶対可憐チルドレン THE UNLIMITED 兵部京介 Zettai Karen Children: THE UNLIMITED Hyoubu Kyousuke Review

  1. it is actually cruel to make children fight in wars, no matter esper or not, no matter how “important” this war is :( hyoubu and the children should’ve been at home studying and playing. i was really sad watching this and now – reading this review and seeing his picture with the gun :(

  2. Every time there is a review or preview, I come over to read immediately. It’s a rarity that someone keeps a high level of interest and literacy nowadays, so thank you!
    I never imagined they will make a side story focused on Hyoubu and his Espers, hence I was thrilled, when they actually did. As for Hyoubu as “the dreaded antagonist”, I don’t think the idea was the viewer to have an extreme opinion but rather to believe that both species – human and Esper have their own truth and Kaoru is the one to find the balance without betraying any of them.

    In this adaptation (gaiden) the characters were captivating and Hyoubu’s personal drama was developed and illustrated brilliantly. When “that episode” aired, I was looking anxiously for the next one – something that hasn’t happened to me with anime for a while.
    In the end, I also enjoyed The Unlimited, though would not give it more than 7/10. The reason is that I think the production team did not believe in it enough and did not give their all, which showed in the final product and it shouldn’t have had.

    1. I see your point an thank you for sharing it with me. I also think that my score is somewhat influenced because I didn’t see anything much from the other shows that aired alongside THE UNLIMITED.

  3. What makes me happy when reading this is that according to your research The Unlimited did well. I was really troubled that such a good anime does not get it’s deserved attention. Thank you for the detailed and informative review. At least I loved it :)

      1. You’ve Grammar Nazi-ed yourself :D :D :D And thanks for the review, Shinigami-sama, this anime is one of my favourites.

    1. I have done some reading of minds around and I discovered many who started watching the first series because of the spin-off. You can find many of these same thoughts expressed in forums around the internet. Nonetheless, it is just a simple observation.
      Still, the show is not highly rated one.

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