Tamayura Season 2 Preview (Video)

tamayura season 2The second season of the ‘healing’ anime series Tamayura is getting its first full-length trailer. “Hajimari no Umi” is the OP of the season and is performed by Maaya Sakamoto-chan. You can hear it playing in the video as well as hear and see some teases from Tamayura 2.

See the video below!

In the upcoming second season main character Fu Sawatari (Ayana Taketatsu) is starting her second school year in the city she moved to after the passing of her father. The video reveals to us that she will try to form a photography club in the school and will have a hard time finding members. New character Kanae Mitani (Ai Kayano), however, is going to become one of the first to join in.

Source: YouTube

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