PlayStation 4 News – The Console will be Region Free!

The newest gaming console by Sony – the PlayStation 4,will be region free. Meaning that the system will not be locked and can be used everywhere in the world, no matter where it’s been bought from. Additional system specs and controller details were also released earlier today.

PlayStation 4 is coming to stores and after a successful E3 campaign, the console is becoming the latest fashion in gaming forums. Naturally, as I pay attention to games as well as anime and manga, I cannot ignore the craze.

Sony has just revealed that the new console will not be region-locked. The announcement was made by Brad Douglas, who works at the Sony Japan offices. This came alongside some pretty exact system specs for the console, new controller and camera, talked about earlier by the company itself.

You can find the details on the three new Sony products by following the second source link.

Source: Twitter , Official Release

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