New Ghost in the Shell: Arise PV Released

(c) Production CommitteeAnother new video for the Ghost in the Shell: Arise upcoming anime has been streamed online on the official website of the project. The stop motion work shows some of the scenes we are to see in the project. A new page for the franchise has also been opened, promoting Cornelius’ theme music as well.

The current video available on the new website is featuring the “Ghost in the Shell: Arise” OP for the anime performed by Cornelius. Soon, we are expecting to see there a video dedicated to the ED song by Cornelius and salyuxsalyu entitled “Jubun ga Inai”.

Source: Ghost in the Shell: Arise (linked above)

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      1. It is weird that your laptop is worse than an iPad in displaying videos. It is usually vice versa. Maybe it is busted after all.

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