Live-action Kiki’s Delivery Service On-Set Scenes (Video)

kiki delivery serviceEarlier today was released an extended promotional video for the upcoming Kiki’s Delivery Service‘s live-action movie. A small interview with some of the actresses and actors is included as well as raw scenes from the shoots.

You can see it below.

The live-action adaptation of Eiko Kadono’s original novel series. As we all know, Kiki’s Delivery Service is a story of a young witch which goes out on a great adventure and discovers the big world while on her coming-of-age journey. The first big movie that hit the fans of anime was Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki’s adaptation from 1989. Now, 24 years later, we get to see the witch girl in a full motion picture with script by Satoko Okudera (Summer Wars, Wolf Children).

Video includes interview with main actress Fuuka Koshiba, Machiko Ono (as Osono) and others. We can also grasp some of the story from the video.

Keep in mind that the live-action adaptation will come out in Japan in 2014 and the staff and cast will be busy filming until the end of July (planned).

Source: JiJi Press

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