Rose of Versailles New One-Shot to Come out in October

the rose of versaillesAnother new one-shot story by the original mangaka of the Rose of Versailles manga will be published on 19th October this year. After the previously stamped Rose of Versailles Episode work, which was published earlier in 2013, this will be the second one-shot for the year. Are there more to come? It’s not certain, but you can read about the upcoming chapter below.

The upcoming story’s title and plot are still to be released, but it will come out in the 22nd issue of the Margaret magazine by Shueisha.

This news doesn’t come as a surprise considering the fact that the previous one-shot had to be reprinted in the 13th issue due to popular demand. It also included 4 coloured pages and a coloured cover.

What can we expect from the future piece by Ryoko Ikeda?

Source: Mantan Web

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