Free! Anime PV 2 Streamed (Video)

free animeA new promotional video has been streamed by Kyoto Animation. The series “Free!” will tell the story of a group of mates that forms a swimming club. Adventurous and competitive, the characters will surely try to bring something new and original to the screen.

See the new trailer for Free! below.

The character presented in this video is Rin Matsuoka. One of the main roles in the upcoming anime adaptation of Kouji Ouji’s “High Speed” manga which received an honorable mention at the Kyoto Animation Awards in 2011. Rin is the reason for the formation of the swimming club. After being away from his childhood friend Haruka for a long time, Rin returns and his first job is to challenge the other boy to a swimming race. His abilities have definitely improved while he was away, making him able to overtake almost everyone. The training for which he had left Japan has surely brought a change, but it’s not only in a positive way.


The anime will be out in July 2013.

Source: YouTube

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