Annabel to Sing New Rozen Maiden’s ED “Alternative”

rozen maidenNew artwork and information about the ending theme song for the upcoming TV anime series Rozen Maiden have been released. The ED will be sung by Annabel, who has performed and written Another’s “anamnesis” and Katanagatari’s “Akashi”.

In addition to the OP song “私の薔薇を喰みなさい” (Watashi no Bara wo Kaminasai) that will be performed by Ali Project, the official website announced the ED for the upcoming Rozen Maiden series that will begin on 4th July, 2013 (Japanese time). Performer Annabel will sing the ED which is entitled “Alternative”.

In addition to this, a new artwork piece has been published (right, clickable).

You can also hear the OP by Ali Project in the following video:

Source: Official Website

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