K Anime Season 2 to be a Movie

K anime posterThe previously announces second season of last year’s K anime will in fact not be a TV series, but a movie. The adaptation of the story will be released in theatres across Japan in 2014, but details are still to be released.

During the “K-Who is the next-” event, organised by GoHands, was made an announcement that a movie of project K will be released next year. According to further investigation results, the movie will be the promised sequel of the story of the coloured kings.

K anime was released on Japanese TV channels in October 2012 and turned into the probably most popular new series from its season. In December, we came to know of a sequel, but until now the staff kept silent about the project.

Will the people in and around GoraxGoHands manage to tell everything that the fans have been asking for in the span of a movie? We will have to patiently wait and see.

Source: K11

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10 thoughts on “K Anime Season 2 to be a Movie

  1. We all seems to be rather discouraged… Hopefully the movie will do well and they will make a real season :)

  2. Seems like they want to milk it without much effort…or they’re working on something more meaningful.

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