VIZ Media Becomes Master Licensor for K Anime

K anime posterAs we’re all excitedly awaiting news about K anime‘s second season, North Americans are receiving their full rights to watch the show in a fully-developed local version! The show and everything belonging to the franchise will be handled by the currently biggest anime and manga distributor in the region.

Viz Media have announced that they have acquired the full rights over GoraxGoHand’s K anime. This includes translation, home video, television as well as collectables and other franchise items.VIZanime, the company’s online streaming engine, launched the series simultaneously with its airing in Japan in October 2012.

The story of the show revolves around the seven kings in a world where technology and miracles rule side by side. The seven kings, created by a scientist during the past war and turned into leaders of different group, are also beacons for their followers. One of them, however, is willing to ruin the order in a much different way than just fight for territory, which is the usual between the kings. Yashiro ‘Shiro’ Isana is a young boy and this first season centres on him and his entrance into the world of the seven kings. As he is branded murderer of an important member of HOMRA, the Red King Suoh Mikoto’s group, the young man with amnesia has to fight for not only his comfort, but also for his life.

Many discoveries and events happen in K anime’s first season and it was all appreciated by the many fans all over the world.

Source: VizMedia

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7 thoughts on “VIZ Media Becomes Master Licensor for K Anime

  1. I so love this anime…it was a heartbreaking ending…The poor Red King and no one knows what happened to the Silver one…I need season 2!!!!

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