Buddha 2 The Movie Previewed (Video)

Buddha 2Buddha 2: Tezuka Osamu no Buddha ~Owarinaki Tabi~ is the full title of the second part of the anime trilogy adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s original manga Buddha. The story will star on from where the first instalment, Buddha 1, left off in 2011. The young prince has abdicated the throne and his love has been blinded, the world is at war.

A nearly 10-minute video trailer has been released online. You can see it below.

The video has been shared by AnimeAnime (Thank you!)
In this new trailer, which was released during the Cannes Film Festival, we meet many of the characters of the story including the thief who loved the prince, but her illegal romance brought her only pain – Migaila (Nana Mizuki). The other main character we see is the young Tatta (Ikue Ohtani) – a boy who has the power to communicate with animals. Because the war killed his closest people, he swore vengeance and, although becoming a fine warrior, he lost his special abilities.


The movie is produced by TOEI (One Piece and DragonBall). PreCure’s director Toshiaki Komura takes the directing seat in this film. Reiko Yoshida (DragonBallZ) is writing the screenplay for Buddha 2 while Hideaki Mashida (Gundam, Pokemon) is working on the character design.

The second movie from the 3-part saga will be released in Japan in February next year (2014).
Source: AnimeAnime

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  1. This is a beautiful movie I would love to watch :) Tezuka-sensei is a legend that has contributed immensely to the modern vision of anime,

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