Gantz Manga to End in June

GantzIn the new issue of Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine news about the expected ending of Hiroya Oku’s popular manga Gantz was released. After the current chapter, there will be just two more left for he fans to read. Hence, the manga will end in the magazine’s June issue.

Gantz chapter 1 first released in July 2000 and has since inspired a 2-season anime series with 26 episodes as well as two live-action film. The action shounen story centres on Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato. The two friends die in an accident, but their souls are revived and brought together with several more recently deceased people, forming a team of supernatural fighters. Together, the team uses high-tech and alien-like weapons in order to defeat the enemies within a different dimension.

The manga itself is famous for its high level of violence and sexual themes, but also for the artwork and ability of writer Hiroya Oku to create scenes that mesmerise and never let go.

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