Soul Eater Manga’s Final Battle Comes

soul eater The final battle of the Soul Eater manga story will be depicted in the upcoming June issue of the Shounen Gangan magazine (published by Square Enix), coming out this Saturday. When will this final battle end, though, remains a mystery.

Soul Eater is a story about the shinigami (gods of death) which fight with witches and the dark insanity in order to keep the Earth away from chaos. Atsushi Ohkubo’s series began in 2004 and has been adapted into an anime series, which finished in 2009. A live-action adaptation and a manga spin-off have also been produced.

Production of a new anime based on the story inclusive of the canon second part of the story and ending is craved by the readers, but the publisher and original anime staff are keeping their silence.

Source: Shounen Gangan via MNJ
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7 thoughts on “Soul Eater Manga’s Final Battle Comes

  1. The anime ended really unfortunate :D :D :D Had a laugh at Maka’s final speech…too funny for words. Didn’t even know the manga;s ongoing.

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