Space Pirate Captain Harlock the Movie Coming to Theatres on 7.9 (Video)

space pirate captain harlockCast and release date have been announced for the 2013 CGI science-fiction movie Space Pirate Captain Harlock. The trailer is 98 seconds long and includes all the initial information for the release as well as a lot of fighting, action and clashing scenes from the production.

See the trailer below!

The upcoming Space Pirate Captain Harlock will centre on the events that surround an attack on the captain himself. Yama (character which has been created especially for the story) will infiltrate the spaceship and attempt an assassination on the Captain. Will he succeed though and how much damage will the ship suffer, we will have to wait to see.

 The movie, whose short trailer was released in January, will come on on 7th September 2013 and will include the voice of actor Shun Oguri as the title character Captain Harlock and Haruma Miura will also participate as the original character Yama. Yuu Aoi, Arata Furuta, Ayano Fukuda, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Maaya Sakamoto, Miyuki Sawashiro, Kiyoshi Kobayashi and Chikao Ohtsuka will also take part in the movie as various crew members.

Source: CinemaToday’s YouTube and Official Captain Harlock Website

Image: (c) LeijiMatsumoto/CaptainHarlock Film Partners


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  1. This is amazing! I haven’t seen anything so impressive in a long time. This brings magic back to the movie theatre.

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