Haganai Gets Live-Action Adaptation

©2013 平坂読・メディアファクトリー/製作委員会は友達が少ないNEXT Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sakunai (Haganai) light novel series will be getting a special adaptation – a live-action film! The original creator Yomi Hirasaka has not participated in the script or directing, but urges fans to watch the movie.

The creator states that, although initially he was against this adaptation, he later decided to agree to it. The reason is that the crisis in the novel industry calls for desperate measures and this means – bringing fans of various other media to the books. This includes movies, anime, manga and others.

This is the fourth type of adaptation that the story gets. There are two anime series, video anime episodes and a manga. Toei announced a call for extras in April, but who will e working on the project except of production company Times In and Toei is still a mystery.

Source: Hirasaka-sensei

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      1. It is really famous… The second series just ended a month or so ago. So he did get fans. ;)

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