Kingdom Season 2 to Air on June 8

kingdom anime season 2The second season of this year’s hit anime series Kingdom will begin on June 8, 2013. This was just announced by the Japanese NHK. The season’s ‘airmonth’ has been known since January this year, but the exact date has just been confirmed.

The anime will be shown on the BS premium channel and can be watched weekly, on Saturdays at 23:45 (that’s 11:45p.m.)

The series centres on the historical Warring States era of the Chinese history. In these times of turmoil, two young boys meet and fight their own war, which might turn out to be something much, much bigger than just an adventure – a life-changing experience and a cornerstone for the current order.

Surce: NHK

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7 thoughts on “Kingdom Season 2 to Air on June 8

  1. I have to say that I would never like this animation…The story seems intriguing, though, so I may try the manga. :)

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