Let’s Say “Goodbye” to NisiOisin’s Medaka Box Manga

MedakaBox2 NisiOisin and Akira Akatsuki’s Medaka Box manga is ending with this week’s combined 22+23 issue of Shueisha’s weekly Shounen Jump. The work was serialised in the magazine for almost 4 full years as of 2013 and will definitely be missed by some people.

Medaka Box is a story of a lively school committee and their innovative suggestions box that not only brings the student council closer to the ordinary students, but also helps them solve even the most curious of issues. A lot of comic situations surround Miss Medaka and her friends as new mysteries and curiosities appear in the box every day.

NisiOisin, famous for his Bake/Nise/etc-monogatari series, has driven many otaku to the store with this collaboration with Akira Akatsuki (Medaka Box is the most popular title by this creator). Hopefully the end of the series will help both of them work on something innovative and at least as popular.

Let me remind you that the story has been adapted into two anime seasons in 2012. Crunchyroll streamed them both simultaneously with their Japanese release (meaning you can probably watch the series through this engine as the page keeps what’s been shown in a sort of a library).

The creators thank the fans in their farewell page and the fans accept the thanks, giving back a lot of positive emotions.

Source: Manga News Japon

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