Anime Movie Perfect Blue Gets a UK Blu-ray Release

perfect blue blu-rayThe British anime distributing company Anime Limited has announced that it will be releasing the 1997 anime chef d’oeuvre Perfect Blue on Blu-Ray. The psychological thriller by Satoshi Kon is going to reach the shelves in the United Kingdom this October and pre-orders are already available.


Perfect Blue is a story of fame and fortune as well as a lot of misfortune and shame. The fantasy-like ambiance created by the director and animators help the feeling of uneasiness and the hiding of the truth behind the story.

This movie is a great experience for the adults as it tells of the fate of a young Japanese singer. First a member of an Idol band and then an actress, the young Mima suffers a shock that will change her life forever.

Anime Limited’s initial format is a collector’s edition, so be careful! The regular edition will be made available at a later time. This is also the first official English-language version of the movie that will be on BD. North America is still waiting for theirs.

Preorders are available on Amazon.

Source: Anime Limited

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