Fairy TailxRave Gets Anime OVA

Creator Hiro Mashima, the man behind the Fairy Tail and Rave manga projects, has announced that his two biggest series’ mixed story will get adapted into an anime. The DVD will be bundled with the upcoming volume number 39 of Natsu’s adventures.

The Fairy TailxRave OVA will be released on August 16, 2013 (when the original date of the volume is) and will tell us of an odd adventure where the two saga’s main characters Natsu and Haru can’t find their way back and the two main heroines Lucy and Elie become their chasers, ready to find and bring the two disoriented boys back where they belong.

The DVD will adapt the one-shot story from May 2011, published in Kodansha’s Magazine Special. Musica and Let from the Rave story will also be featured in the anime, even though they did not appear in the manga version. This is a part of the original content of the animation – also by Mashma-sensei.

Source: Twitter

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9 thoughts on “Fairy TailxRave Gets Anime OVA

  1. This sounds like one of the most pathetic milkings of an idea ever… At least he’ll be number one in something…

    1. Well….it has another one “Rave Master” with character design quite similar to “Fairy Tail”, so I assume this is the one… ;) In fact, you can also see Haru (its protagonist) together with Natsu, so I guess there is no doubt…

      1. Absolutely correct!
        Rave is the Japanese name of Rave Master, though. Plue is just too cute to be left without a cover page ;)

      2. Well…she meant “Rave: Plue no Inu Nikki”, I assume. But thank you for letting me know the name this manga/anime is known in Japan. :) I have only heard of Groove Adventure Rave/Rave Master but I admit that I have no in depth knowledge of it, as I never had the interest to see/read it.

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