Zero no Tsukaima Mangaka Noboru Yamaguchi Loses Battle with Cancer

zero no tsukaima yamaguchi diesThe original creator of the famous Zero no Tsukaima novels that made a lot of otaku what they are today has passed away this April 4 at the age of 41. This is the final result of a two-year-long battle with cancer.

The last couple of years have been nothing but a roller-coaster for both Yamaguchi-sensei and his fans. After confirming the dreadful news that he had an advanced-stage cancer that was not operable, the fans saw the worst coming. The mangaka, however, did not give up. Instead, he fought and later discovered that there was a new kind of intervention that could maybe save him. After undergoing it and continuously fighting, hoping to resume work on the new Zero no Tsukaima volumes, in November 2012 he had to announce an indefinite hiatus. It unfortunately ended with this young and talented man’s passing away.

He will definitely be greatly missed by fans, readers, critics and everyone who loves originality.

Source: Media Factory’s MF Bunko Editor in Chief – Taiji Misaka

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