shingeki no kyojin giantShingeki no Kyojin is the newest project by Production I.G. It is an adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s original story with the same title. The anime subtitle “Attack on Mars” is also the official English title of the manga.

The original story has been printed by Kodansha in its Bessatsu Shounen magazine since September 2009 and is ongoing, which raises a few questions about the anime adaptation.

Keep an eye out for this show as its starts on April 6 when it’s airing on MBS and the following two days when it will be released on other Japanese channels as well.

The plot of this fantasy story revolves around a group of young men and women that have decided to take fate into their own hands and not live in fear and shade.

The world is separated between giants and humans. Unfortunately for the humans, the others are winning in the battle and keep on eating the smaller species for the sake of fun. One special town manages to build a wall around its people and this wall is taller than any giant present. These humans will be kept safe… The story of Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan begins a few decades into the future. The town that we spoke of is already giant-free and it has been so for a century. One day, however, an enormous giant appears out of thin air and smashes through the high village walls. We see how a mother of two, the parent of Eren and his foster sister Mikasa, is being devoured alive by the creature.

This brings forth the power in her two children and they, especially the brother Eren, vow to take the life of every giant there is on the planet and thus take revenge for their beloved mother.

Soon, they are not alone and a stable group of young giant-hunters is accumulated as the two siblings join the Corps.

Here is the list of all the characters that fight the evil, menacing beings:

shingeki no kyojin characters


Eren Yaeger is played by Yuki Kaji (Accel World’s Harayuki Arite) and is the male protagonist of the show. He is reckless and likes to take risks. His aim is to go beyond the walls and win against the enemy no matter where they are.

Mikasa Ackerman is voiced by Yui Ishikawa (Heroic Age’s Dhianeila) and the sister of the male protagonist. She is the female lead character in the story and has a deep attachment to Eren. She cares for him as much as her foster brother cares for her.

Almin Arlert is played by Marina Inoue (Zettai Karen Children’s Hyoubu Kyousuke) and can be regarded as the third protagonist in the story. He is a childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa. His strength is neither physical nor emotional, but rather that of a good strategist. He is also the one who taught the sblings about the outside.


There are also plenty of supporting characters:

Jean Kirstein, voiced by Kishou Taniyama, is always negative and often disapproving of Eren’s actions and habits.

Ani Leonheardt is played by Yuu Shimamura. She is always with a stern face, but it does not necessarily represent her true mood.

Sasha Browse (Yu Kobayashi), Marco Botto (Ryota Ohsaka), Conny Springer (Hiro Shimono), Krista Lenz (Shiori Mikami), Reiner Brown (Yoshimisa Hosoya), Bertholt Fubar (Tomohisa Hashizume) and Yumir (Saki Fujita) are the rest of the young Corps.

The team that is working on this show is also constellational. Death Note and High School of the Dead director Tetsuro Araki is taking care of the show while Claymore and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure writer Yasuko Kobayashi is working on the script of the upcoming production. Psycho-pass’ character designer Kyoji Asano is also working on the designs for Shingeki no Kyojin. The general OST is created by Sengoku Basara and Mobile Suit Gundam UC’s Hiroyuki Sawano.

Opening theme song is Linked Horizon’s ( a.k.a. Sound Horizon) “Guren no Yumiya” while ending the show will be Youko Hikasa’s “Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai”.


Here is the regular trailer for the upcoming show:



Images and video: ©諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」製作委員会 & Pony Canyon

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