karneval posterLove, romance, fantasy and a lot of dye – this is the world of Karneval. The TV anime series will debut on Japanese TV on 3rd April 2013 and will adapt the original manga with the same title. Promotion for the upcoming show has been started many weeks before the air date, but it is not the promo I care about, but how good or bad Karneval might be according to the information released up until now.

Karneval is a colourful story written by Touya Mikanagi. The author is also the original character designer and illustrator. This story is the first manga and most popular project by Miss Mikanagi. Except for this project, she has also worked on several “Arcana” titles that are also bearing the Josei genre in their profiles.

The story of this show will revolve around Nai, a young boy who is looking for a lost friend by following the lead of a single bracelet that has been left to him – a memento of a past he will never forget. Gareki is his newly discovered friend. The two become partners when they end-up being at the same wrong place in the same wrong time and are both accused of a crime they would never commit. This said, they are also forced to join an organisation known as Circus, but by what circumstances – the show will tell.


karneval naiNai

timid boy with a lack of words. Having lived in a secluded area up until he decided to seek his missing friend gareki karnevalthroughout the whole world; his ideals and actions are much different than the standard.


a great technical mind and a great thief. He dreads being poor again and will do anything and everything to rid himself of such a fate. He is also quite the anti-social type.


karneval circus characters


a young and very positive man. He is often characterised as having a childish attitude, but is in fact a great and able fighter. He has a dark side, though, which is his other personality.



a very agile acrobat and a great fighter. She has taken the ‘big-sister’ role for Nai and always looks after his well-being.


the lieutenant of one of the main ships in Circus. She is a great companion for both males and females as she can act both masculine and feminine according to the company.



is a captain and superior to Yogi and Tsukumo. He always looks absent-minded and cheerful, but does his work impeccably nonetheless. He is often absent as he has some work outside of the ship that no one knows about.



a defence system for one of the ships.


an alias and second occupation for one of the characters.


karneval characters



a man with medical mind and aims. He is often awkward as he makes ‘spontaneous’ remarks that sometimes seem more truthful than necessary. Many wonder what is a façade and what the true Jiki.



very high-spirited and extremely positive; he is also a good party-maker and always in ‘the mood’.


a great perfectionist and a person with a calm mind; her attitude allows her to be a successful battle leader. She is distrustful and feels negative about Tsukumo after being under her supervision in the Academy.


a mascot ship defence system in Circus.

karneval akari


Akari – a doctor with incredible sense of honesty, sometimes reaching the stage of being blatant. He likes to be dominative of others and is mostly disliked by nurses and ‘patients’.




karneval anime characters


a mysterious presence that left the bloodied bracelet in Nai’s possession.



company CEO and grandfather of Erisyuka. Linked to the mysterious Porunedo.



a spoilt child with very bad social abilities.



   Nai played by Hiro Shimono                                           Gareki played by Hiroshi Kamiya

 Yogi played by Mamoru Miyano                                   Tsukumo played by Aya Endo

  Iva played by Youko Honna                                            Hirato played by Daisuke Ono

  Jiki played by Yuuichi Nakamura                              Tsukitachi played by Koji Yusa

Kiichi played by Eri Kitamura                                         Hitsuji & Usagi played by Hiromi Igarashi

  Akari played by Daisuke Hirakawa                           Karoku played by Souichiro Hoshi

Erisyuka played by Satomi Satou                                Uro played by Junichi Suwabe

Parunedo played by Masashi Hirose                       

  ED1 by Hiroshi Kamiya (KAmiYU)                                     OP2 by Miyu Irino (KAmiYU)

 OP  “Henai no Rondo” by GRANRODEO

© Lantis

Many characters will be involved as a part of Circus as well as outside of it. The main story will split a lot of times and will be entwined with many different personage’s lives and plans. Circus, as the governmental organisation for protection of order and rightfulness, is of course challenged by an arch-enemy and issues will occur throughout the show.

The staff that will be working on the project is also something! Rurouni Kenshin’s key animator Eiji Suganuma is taking care of this show in the directing position. Toshie Kawamura (Precure and The World God Only Knows) is taking both the role of character designer and the chief animation director.

Let me remind you again, Karneval starts on 3rd April 2013.

Karneval official website

Images: ©御巫桃也/一迅社・カーニヴァル製作委員会

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  1. Wow…I love this opening. Can’t believe I’ve missed this band. They’re great. Thank you for showing them to me.

  2. omg!!!! i was so looking forward to this preview… <3 thank you!!!! love the story and al characters!!!! just few days left!!!! :3

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