Date a live animeThe anime adaptation of Koushi Tachibana’s light novel “Date a Live” is finally about to start. Produced by AIC Plus+ and Nippon Columbia, the mecha/romance anime with ecchi and sci-fi elements’ first episode will air on 30 March 2013. The character design for “Date a Live” is entrusted to Satoshi Ishino (key animator on productions like “Bleach”, “Death Note” and character creator for “Excel Saga”), who will take over from the original creator Tsunako.  All that is left few days before the next moe adventure begins is to make a brief preview.

 Plot: Kotori Itsuka is a fierce schoolgirl who is the leader of a mighty organisation called “Ratatoskr” (sharing a name with a famous squirrel messenger from the Norse mythology that delivers information running up and down Yggdrasil). Her goal is to oppose the powerful creatures called “Spirits” wielders of the “spacequake” power that had caused the destruction of Eurasia five years ago. One day, there is huge explosion in Kotori’s town and a cute girl in armour appears in front of her brother Shido. Kotori immediately recognises the Spirit and orders her brother to make the being fall in love with him, so they can stop her destructive power and save the world. He names the Spirit warrior “Tohka Yatogami” and the real story begins.


OP: “Date A Live” by sweet ARMS
ED: “Save the World” by Iori Nomizu



date a live anime characters



Kotori Itsuka

The commander of “Ratatoskr” and foster sister of Shido. She has a shockingly contrasting behaviour being either a loving sister or a merciless Commander. The way to know her mood is to carefully watch the ribbons in her hair – white is for love and black is for ruthlessness. You should always be careful, when meeting this girl, as she is more than meets the eye.

Shido Itsuka

The protagonist of the story is a student in Raizen High School. Left by his mother as a child, he is adopted by the Itsuka family and now lives with his foster sister Kotori. She is aware of a mysterious power he possesses that she believes to be vital to her plan to save the world.


Origami Tobiichi

A brilliant student with a soft spot for Shido, she hates Spirits badly and dreams of destroying them. She’s one of the most effective and influential members of the Anti-Spirits Team (AST). What keeps her going, besides her love for Shido, is her thrive for revenge.

Tohka Yatogami, Code Name: Princess

A Spirit that has been constantly chased and attacked by the AST. She is bitter towards the world and believes that Spirits could never live in peace with people. However, when she meets Shido, she sees there is still hope for a better coexistence and gradually becomes part of the high school society of Raizen.


Yoshino, Code Name: Hermit

She is another Spirit saved by Shido. Quiet and kind, she has a mild temper and is always carrying a little plush rabbit called Yoshinon.

Kurumi Tokisaki, Code Name: Nightmare

An impressive Gothic Lolita, she is the third spirit that appears in town and takes a liking to Shido. She is the most vile of the three, being constantly wild an aggressive. Her left eye represents a mysterious clock.


Reine Murasame

A Physics teacher in Raizen High School, she is also an Analysis Officer in Ratatoskr. She barely ever sleeps and is one of the best minds to consult with when looking for a way to capture a Spirit.




For information on the Cast, please visit this post by Shinigami-sama. 

Date a Live Official Website 

Images and Video: (c) 2013 橘公司・つなこ/富士見書房/「デート・ア・ライブ」製作委員会


 by Death Scythe

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  1. Wonder what’s Kotori’s secret… ;) Guess Shido will be the usual shounen pwner that gets the ladies and the strongest power… No mecha here but also nice to the eye…

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