5 Unreasonably Ignored Topics in Anime

redline movie 2009Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I have written a post for you that relates different shows into one single idea. Now, I will share with you my impressions on 5 very ignored topics that don’t really appear in anime a lot during the last couple of seasons. I hope this new short post of mine brings a smile on your face!

Gambling, romance and specific animal types – the lack of which one makes you ponder the most?

Also, do feel free to argue my reasoning and share your opinion on the subject in the comments – I always love a good, steady argument with a fellow anime and manga appreciator.

 Here is my list of five most ignored topics in anime!

Ignored anime topic – Stock Market

As many people are caring about money, about investments, how and where to store their riches (or the little amount they have managed to save), it is very odd to see that the topic of the stock market is not something many anime series tell us about. As I was searching for a similar topics and series to give an example of, sharing something related to Wall Street, NASDAQ and even the Tokyo Stock Exchange, I ended up bumping into a dead-end street all the time. Many shows revolve around Yakuza or riches; life of the rich and famous is also a topic many like to discuss and animate. Yet again, the stock exchange is either a topic too unknown to many creators or just something too boring to tell stories about.

Ignored anime topic – Bingo!

Gambling is probably one of the most popular topics for anime ever since it has existed. Even the latest Roman anime has a lot of it. Most shows, though, centre on or mention mainly Japanese-specific games or the most popular ones worldwide such as Poker, Black Jack and similar. A thing that is not a favourite of creators is the game called “Bingo”. In the West, this game is mostly played by people that are not in their teen ages, but older, many countries’ usual players are with an average age of 60 even. Does this mean that Bingo should not be shown to the otaku as a part of a fun anime, a comedy show maybe? I don’t know, but I think it can bring a lot of smiles if it is presented in the right way.

I would have to say, though, that I managed to find a shounen-ai manga that is entitled “Bingo!” and is created by Maki Hashiba.

There is a game for everyone.

Ignored anime topic – Cars

Yes, I know – Redline came out quite recently (if nearly 4 years ago is recent), but what about it? How many anime series with cars can you name within 1 a minute of reading this question and without searching through the internet? In fact, although this is probably one of the most mentioned topics in any anime that is set in the recent past, current time or the future; it is not a preferred main topic.

The somewhat good news is that several new anime series are planned to come out soon or have been released recently. The not-so-good news is that they are mostly advertisement-like collaboration between large car-makers and animation studios.

Don’t take me wrong – I do love PES and some other similar projects, but I do need a good new racing anime to come and strike the world with speed and full power on the speedway.

Ignored anime topic – Hatred 

Okay, this is very preferential and extremely opinionated, but I do believe hatred is a topic not many anime have been looking at as a main topic. It is a part of a character’s development or their past. They do change, though and the main story itself is almost never revolving around hatred and hatred alone. Ruthless people with an abundance of aggression are usually having fun doing what they do and the creepier it is, the funnier it looks. The bad thing is that, although a negative emotion, this is a part of everyday life for the human race and it is needed in order to make a story more believable. I don’t think stories should be only centred on it nor that everything should be including hatred as a main topic, but I do believe that especially in the most recent months, we have been witnessing a large lack of a main character that is really loathing.

Hey, JoJo, what happened with your hatred?

This is not valid for remakes, spinoffs and whatnot of stories that have been originally written a decade ago, so let’s just keep this in mind.

Ignored anime topic – Koala

And here we are – finally reached the most obvious answer to the question -what topic has been greatly ignored recently?

Not many otaku actually care about this, so that’s why maybe it is also neglected by the animation studios and producers. I, however, need to point it out for everyone who has been asking the same question as me – why not koala?

Koalas are native Australian animals that roam freely and quietly around the houses and cars in the country-continent. They are charming, cute, slow, can look fluffy, are very dangerous if irritated, famous and popular and have an own character.

So, why haven’t koalas been included in anime as much as, let’s say wolves? Mythology is the most obvious reason behind the lack of these mammals from the world of animation in Japan. These little creatures are living so far away from the climate and regions of Japan that the Asian country has had no chance to create myths and legends about them. This is the main difference between koalas and every other animal we see in series such as wolves, lions, dragons, koi fish and others.

Fushigi na Koala Blinky is an anime by Nippon Animation that was created in 1984. It lasted 26 episodes and has a Koala as a main character. Another title from the same decade is the 52-episode-long series entitled Koara Booi Kokki. It finished airing in 1985.

The only ongoing anime that includes a koala is Shirokuma Café. It has been running since April 2012.

18 thoughts on “5 Unreasonably Ignored Topics in Anime

  1. Berserk is all about hatred. The whole premise of the manga is about the protagonist wanting to kill his overly ambitious best friend and boss for raping his woman and killing all his other friends to offer them as sacrifices to become a demon and then be reborn again to rule the world as a human.

    The manga starts really hardcore showing rape and gore at every chance it has and then it ends up as a weird mix between Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. Except that half the cast ends up being a bunch of kids… It’s really weird and it took me by surprise how the manga went from being so dark and violent to this lighthearted thing. I miss the boobs and hardcore sex but the manga started in the 90’s and after so many years it seems that the mangaka got tired of that and started copying Fairy Tail and One Piece in the latest chapters.

    1. That is very true, of course. But the story is from the 90s as you have mentioned. Not ignored, but two decades ago. Even the current movies are not exactly unique as they are a remake of the arc from the anime series.

      The change in genre, as you have also pointed out, is just another example of how hatred is being ignored. Here it is to such extent that it is even removed from the story more or less…forgotten maybe?

  2. initial d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! speed racer and that one anime about go karts come to mind regarding the cars

    1. That are classics, for certain. But the anime has started in 1998, which is not recently at all. The current series is also just a sequel.
      What about new stories? I am mostly preoccupied for the lack of new items…

  3. I think this upcoming Spring 2013 anime might cover the stock market. Maybe. It’s called “Asian Risshiden no Shima Kousaku”. I know it’s a manga that’s sort of well known.

  4. So…we would love to see an anime where a professional bingo player is obsessed by his hatred towards cars and founds a koala entertainment company, which he later enlists on the stock market… ;) Sorry, couldn’t resist :D
    Great list, Shinigami-sama :)

  5. Well…if we think about it most anime about love are about hatred as well. For example, in Naruto, you have Sasuke’s hatred towards Konoha, who betrayed his family. There is also Zettai Karen Chilren: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke where Hyoubu’s hatred is aimed towards all humans who betrayed espers. In Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch you have Lelouch’s hatred towards the people who enslaved Nippon…so I guess anime is not totally hatred-less. However Code Geass is not really new, sooo… I see your point :)

    1. My, my… you’re one of these people currently that are going to be bashed ;) I will have to agree with Baka here.

      1st – Hyoubu is a remake/spin-off. Then, Lelouch’s second seaosn came out 5 years ago (!!). In Naruto, the hatred of Sasuke is no longer a main plot part.. has been so for ages. Now it’s all about wars, was about akatsuki, Itachi is constantly trying to turn the other one’s life around whether dead or alive. It’s no longr about hatred.. unfortunately.

      I have to agree with Shinigam-sama about most things, but bingo (what the hell?) and the stocks. I don’t want to learn anything about Wall Street or NASDAQ! NOT.A.THING. Thank you very much.

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