Ghost in the Shell: Arise Manga Art Released

ghost in the shell ariseFour art pieces that represent the manga adaptation of the upcoming Ghost in the Shell:Arise movies have been released officially through the page of the project on the social network. The manga is called “Ghost in the Shell Arise ~Nemuranai Me no Otoko: Sleepless Eye~” and began in the April issue of Monthly Young Magazine (released last Wednesday.

The manga is created by debuting illustrator  Takumi Ouyama and writer Junnichi Fujisaku (Ghost in the Shell: SAC saga and Blood titles).

This story is otherwise original and thought-of for the movie saga that is coming to Japan starting 22nd June his year with the release of the first 50-minute-long episode.

Source: Official Ghost in the Shell: Arise

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6 thoughts on “Ghost in the Shell: Arise Manga Art Released

  1. It’s good that Motoko got a revamp, I personally love it though I don’t think “Ghost in the Shell” fans care so much about it, as long as the story stays good.

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