Cyclops Shoujo Saipuu Episode 1 Streamed (Video)

cyclops shoujo saiupuThe official YouTube channel of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump has released the first episode of the short anime series Cyclops Shoujo Saipuu. It’s available to all countries and fans of fan service, big-breasted girls and almost intimate relationships. This is an anime project based on Yasu Tora’s manga that bears the same title.

The episode if available below.

Shueisha began publishing the 4-koma comedy manga in 2011 and two years later it is getting a short OVA series. Episode one (available here) is just a second longer than 2 minutes and centres on the adoration that main character Saipuu (from Cyclops due to her hairstyle and height) feels for her onii-chan.

Source: YouTube

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