New Team Will Work on Saint Seiya Omega

A new staff team has been announced. The professionals will begin working on the upcoming new Saint Seiya arc which is beginning on 7th April. New cast members are also included in this new information. Nagareda Project will perform Saint Seiya Omega’s theme entitled “Mirai Saint Omega ~Saint Evolution~” while the new arc’s subtitle will be “New Garment”

The series will be now directed by One Piece Film Z’s Tatsuya Nagamine instead of Morio Hatano. Reiko Yoshida will be replaced on the series composition position by Yoshimi Narita (Yes! Precure 5). The other change in the staff list is actually not an entrance by a new face, but rather a position swap. Previous key animation and animation director Keiichi Ichikawa will take over Yoshihiko Umakoshi’s role as a character designer.

In addition to this news, new seiyuu have been announced. Hiromi Tsuru is mostly known as the voice behind Dragon Ball’s Bulma. She will play Pallas in the upcoming arc. Eiji Takemoto will play Titan and voice acting veteran Yuu Mizushima will take on the role of Subaru.

Source: Mantan Web

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