Hiro Mashima: It Is Not the End of Fairy Tail!

fairy tail In a new message to his followers on twitter, Hiro Mashima (the mangaka behind Fairy Tail’s original story) has announced that ‘anime is not the end’ and urged his fans saying ‘don’t stop believing’. What will become of the story, is an alternate animation going to start or is the motion going to end, but keep on warming hearts in its printed form… we will have to wait and see.

All of the news about Fairy Tail ending on March 30 and the ambiguous message of Mashima-sensei have caused people to wonder if Fairy Tail won’t just be changing places or maybe if something alternative would be happening.

Nonetheless, the new twit is also quite misleading as it is not clear if the popular artist means that the show is not going to end or that the show’s end is not the end of Fairy Tail.

Certain information is still unavailable for neither Mashima nor Japanese channel TV Tokyo has come up with an official statement to clear it all up.

Meanwhile, TV Tokyo will be replaying all the best episodes from the show at 5:30 local time starting 4th April.

Source: twitter

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

17 thoughts on “Hiro Mashima: It Is Not the End of Fairy Tail!

  1. i want fairy tail episodes.i have seen the whole from first to last 4 times.please do something hiro mashima- sensei.i think of fairy tail as my famiy.don’t let it stop.please start releasing.i am your number 1 fan. i would do anything to see you.you are the BEST!!! hiro mashima-sensei.please i am only 8 years old.please help me.i love you hiro mashima-sensei.

    1. Hello, Denil-chan!
      It is lovely to have such young people joining the anime/manga community!
      If you want to contact Mashima-sensei, you should try from the twitter account liked as a source in the article. Unfortunately, I don’t communicate with him personally.

      1. can you tell me how to talk directly with hiro masima-sensei because i can’t think anything but just fairy tail.i can’t sleep properly.hiro masima-sensei also told that he might release more episodes of fairy tail on september.

      2. Your best shot is to either write to Shounen Jump so that they could reference the letter to the mangaka, write to his official twitter account or check out if and when will he attend an event and go there to speak to him personally.
        The twitter account for Mashima-sensei is @hiro_mashima, the Shounen Jump contact form is located here https://kc.kodansha.co.jp/inquiry/inquiry.php .

  2. When will fairy tail episode 176 come out? I could not sleep most of the day and keep on finding the result. Please help me!! Shinigami-sama or Hiro Mashima-sensei.

    1. Hi, Night-sama!
      I think that the production of the anime series Fairy Tail has been stopped for the time being. The TV anime was pretty near the current chapte of the manga by Mashima-sensei, hence, the show had to be put on hold. Although the original information said that this will be the end of Fairy Tail, the show will probably return once the story in the manga has advanced enough for more episodes to come out.

    1. Hi, Blazer-chan!

      Unfortunately, I do not know the people who make the wikia myself.
      The TV schedule for the 6th is still not out as well, so I can’t confirm anything on my side.

    1. Sorry, I don’t really see this as something of a great meaning. For me he’s just trying to keep the tension for when he is allowed to speak of why the end is that near and what’s planned for the future.

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