Full Trailer for Aura Movie Streamed (Video)

aura anime movieA one-minute-long movie trailer for the Aura: Maryuuinkouga Saigo no Tatakai romantic anime movie has been streamed by the Japanese movie website Cinema Today. The video shows a lot of he drama that will happen and also includes theme song “Blue Moon Dream” by Arisa Noto from StylipS. See the trailer below!

The original story has been written by the author of Jinruiha Suitaishimashita Romeo Tanaka. The original light novel with the same title was published in 2008 and it tells us the story of Ichirou “Menzo” Satou and Ryouko. He meets the girl by chance after he forgets his textbook and school and has to go back to retrieve it. Ryouko calls herself a witch from an alternate world… Have Ichrou’s hallucinations returns and will he manage to keep his life as a normal high school boy?

The movie will premiere in cinemas across Japan on April 13, 3013.

Source: YouTube

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