Fairy Tail Anime Is Ending on March 30!!

fairy tail The TV broadcaster of the Fairy Tail anime adaptation of Hiro Mashima’s original shounen fantasy manga has announced officially that the show will be ending on March 30, 2013. Good news, according to Mashima-sensei himself, will follow, but he is not in his right to announce anything himself. The show has been running on Japanese TV channel TV Tokyo since October 2009.

The initial surprise came when last week Kodansha’s TV Magazine came up with the information that the fantays anime is reaching an end. Shueisha’s Jump Square announced later that the Driland saga will begin in the exact same time when the Fairy Tail anime is. (First episode airing at 10:30 a.m. on April 6, 2013).

The show is currently in the Grand Magic Games Arc and it will not have the time to end before March 30, unless the producers and screenwriters think of the so-called and very dreaded “alternate ending”.

Fear not, though for Hiro Mashima has entered the scene and in the middle of all the panic, he said on his twitter board that:

“I can’t say what I’ve always wanted to say right now, but endure until the right day comes and you will have some great news coming your way!”

Source: Twit

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

16 thoughts on “Fairy Tail Anime Is Ending on March 30!!

  1. I think it was a great thing of Mashima to actually come out and say something positive and calming to the fans. I hope it ends up well as I am desperately hanging onto this final good shounen (except for OP and Naruto, which both have their good and bad moments).

    1. I don’t really remember any anime’s anime-only ending to have been good and I’ve seen quite a number of these….

      1. I don’t want to troll any more but I couldn’t decode the “anime-only ending” terminology ;)

      2. It was obviously about anime that had alternate endings than the manga, for brain’s sake. And yours is not called ‘trolling’, but rather ‘nitpicking’

    1. Sorry, darlin’, but I don’t think anyone needs to announce new seasons, especially by changing the time of the show… I think the rights have been sold to another broadcaster or something. Which will definitely result in a lack of FT for at least some weeks. No doubt about it.

      1. I think they need a new injection of shounen soon. An epic one. Just like FT was a couple of years ago.

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