Arata Kangatari’s New Trailer Released

arata kangatariA new trailer has been released on the official website of the upcoming Arata Kangatari anime series. The video shows many key moments, action scenes and images from the story. The ending theme song “The Misfit Go” by OLDCODEX. See the 108-minute-long video by going to the official website of the anime.

Arata Kangatari is an anime adaptation of the original manga by Fushigi Yuugi’s mangaka Yuu Watase. The story of this show will centre on Arata and his being the heir to the Hime clan, his odd way of life trying to be a true member of his clan and the hardships that he meets when he suddenly shows up in the middle of modern-day Japan. We also meet with the modern-day Japanese citizen Arata Hinohara and his misfortune as life brings him into the world of the Hime clan.

The show begins on April 8, 2013 on TV Tokyo (and April 16 on AT-X) and will have an opening theme song by Sphere atop of the ending song by OLDCODEX.

Source: Official Website (linked)

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