GREE’s Odoriko Clinoppe Social game gets TV Anime

clinoppe animeOdoriko Clinoppe is a social game by mobile studio GREE. In the original mobile game, the player has to look after a tiny squishy creature called Clinoppe. It is very small and charming, but need care and attention. The player can dress-up the little being, accessorise it and also exchange ideas and experience with fellow players through the social platform.

The anime series will show us an ordinary office-woman (Onei-san) that finds Clinoppe and begins caring for it.

Although there is no information on the length of the episodes, it is adequate to guess that the episodes will be short at about 5 minutes each.

clinoppe anime seriesclinoppe anime japan
The first episode will air during the Spring season of 2013.

Images: © GREE, Inc.
Source: GREE
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7 thoughts on “GREE’s Odoriko Clinoppe Social game gets TV Anime

  1. OMG! I just saw this (haven’t been to the site for some time) and it’s sooooooooo cute!!!
    I am so happy I will get one soon ’cause I am leaving for a couple of months for Japan…

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