Doraemon Hindi-Dubbed anime Banned in Bangladesh

doraemonThe Hindi-dubbed anime series Doraemon, the main character of which was named the first anime ambassador for promotion of the Japanese culture abroad, was banned from Bangladeshi televisions because it is not in the local Bengali language. The action was a result of the country’s leaders and natives being afraid that the local native language will be forgotten by the young fans in favour of the Hindi, in which the anime is released in the country.

This act of censorship is a follow-up on the current laws in Bangladesh, passed by the responsible ruling-party member Shahriar Alam. This is a necessity, according to the politician who thinks that, due to the large number of native households who prefer watching the more diverse Indian television channels, it is vital to make people listen and learn Bengali by force by cancelling all ways of Hindi coming into their homes. Instead of promoting more shows to be in Bengali and ask for television channels or official distributors to hire local translators (thus improving the local economy) and have the shows in their native language instead of a foreign one, the leader has put a bar on all Hindi-dubbed shows. They are mainly animated series.

Source: AFP
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6 thoughts on “Doraemon Hindi-Dubbed anime Banned in Bangladesh

  1. To be honest, claiming this is censorhip is double standards. They were not informed well enough wnd did not choose the right lamguage for the dubbing. France has a law for language protectoon, how come no one brands this as censorshpi?!

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