Six New Manga Series to Begin in Morning Magazine

Six entirely new projects will be started in Weekly Morning magazine by Kodansha. You Suzunoki’s Kou no Dori, Iroha Ichimaru and Ryouji Juuguchi’s Mllion Joe, Keisuke Hiya’s Gangs and three titles by mangaka Norifusa Mita, Akiko Higashimura and Sayaka Yamazaki. See below for details.

Kou no Dori will begin on February 21, 2013 and will begin the season of new series in the magazine. Its author Suzunoki-sensei, author of Oretachi no Melody, has a defined style of art – check it out on the official website (that’s why I wrote the name “you” an not “yuu” – the web page is

Million Joe will begin on 28th February 2013

Gangs, starting on March 7, 2013, is an adaptation of Daisuke Suzuki’s yakuza-themed novel Ienonai Shounen-tachi (author also of Oniai and holder of the Fantasia Japanese literary awards).

Little information is available for the other three titles. Worry not, though, for with the new issue new information will come!

Source: Morning by Kodansha

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