English Voice Cast for Phi Brain Revealed

phi brain kami no puzzleSentai Filmworks has revealed the English-language dub cast for the upcoming Phi Brain release for the North American public. David Wald, Jay Hickman and Luci Christian are just three of the famous anime-dub voice actors that will be heard during the series’ English debut.

Sentai Filmworks has licensed both seasons of the series by Studio Sunrise. Phi Brain: Puzzle of God. The first series will be on the shelves as both a BD and a DVD version on March 26, 2013.

Director Kyle Colby Jones

English Vocal Cast

Kaito Daimon  – David Wald

Nonoha Itou – Luci Christian

Gammon Sakanoue – Christopher Patton

Cubik Galois – Shannon Emerick

Ana Gram – Brittney Karbowski

Souji Jikukawa – Blake Shepard

Rook Banjo Crossfield – Greg Ayres

Bishop – John Gremillion

Tamaki Chieno – Carli Mosier

Airi Mizutani – Cynthia Martinez

Naoki Takeda – Clint Bickham

Yuichi Aizawa – Kyle Colby Jones

Funga – Christopher Ayres

Maze – Allison Sumrall

Diceman – Eric Opella

Youngster X – H.K.Huangh

Baron Kaidou – Jay Hickman

Erena Himekawa – Shelley Calene-Black

Herbert Müller – Illich Guardiola

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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