Manga Liar Game Goes on a Break

Mangaka Shinobu Kaitani has announced that his Liar Game manga will go on a short break. It was printed on the pages of Shueisha’s weekly Yougn Jump magazine, where the series is being published. The reason behind this is nothing to worry about – Kaitanj-sensei needs some time to prepare for the new arc. That is all!

Liar Game is a story about a game.. a game of lies. This alternate universe is shared by many, but we follow the young and otherwise very honest, to a laughable extent, Nao Kanzaki. As she somehow manages to enter into this dangerous world and become a player in the tricking game, she needs to find a worthy company so that she won’t have to burden her young self with debts she would never be able to pay off. This is how she, by chance or fate, begins to work with expert con artist Shinichi Akiyama.

The rest is history.

As the games inside of the manga need a lot of research, this is a hiatus that would not bring a lot of surprise to the readers of the story. It has happened before and will probably happen again.

Source: MNJ

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